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One theory speculates the entire Pokemon franchise has been a fever dream created by Ash as he lies in a coma after being electrocuted by Pikachu. This page is so you guys can gush out about your favorite animes and theorize about what may happen in the next episodes and seasons.

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Anime theories allow people to connect with other anime fans while flexing their creative muscles and showing off their knowledge of manga and anime.

Anime theories. Log In Sign Up. Anime Theories Friday August 12 2016. Homosexuality and homoeroticism in anime.

During his panels and signings Horikoshi shut down a couple of popular ideas and theories that fans had been developing about Boku no Hero Academia. We only got a glimpse of her and after checking most of us have found out that it was Salem who. Death Note Theory 2.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Spirited Away is actually a movie about prostitution. Top 10 Anime Fan Theories 26 0 Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries.

And the demons in the promised neverland are the same type as in demon slayer. Dont see your favorite conspiracy anime here already. Another good anime about conspiracy theories is Monster a series that revolves around a skilled surgeon who was framed for murder.

If you would like an analysis or theory about something in particular then please let me know. Die neuesten Tweets von Anime_Theories_. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

The Importance of Anime Theories. Vegeta is one of the toughest characters in all of anime. The Prince of all 26.

Another FMA theory 0. The Seven Deadly Sins Theory. The Niko Style is practiced by the main protagonist of Kengan Ashura Ohma Tokita.

Yes the 1 Hero. What is the fan theory of anime that blows your mind. Attack on Titan Theory 3.

First and foremost he stated plainly that All. However there are other theories out there with. Otaku Haven – Anime.

And if you have any theories of your own any questions or even want to disprove one of my theories then comment or leave me a message. Is Gowther a Doll or Demon. DEATH NOTEs and CODE GEASSs anime.

Pikachu is not a rabbit so this theory doesnt work. October 22 2018 0 Comments. I have a theory that the Promised neverland and demon slayer universe are connected they are killing demons that went over to the human world.

December 10 2018 3 Comments. Press J to jump to the feed. Anime Theories I will post my theories about any anime.

Theres a Pokemon theory about Ash Ketchums real dad – Mr. Now I know that hardcore fans already know. May 28 2019 0 Comments.

Goku fighting the Grand Priest might never happen but the possibility of it should excite DRAGON BALL SUPER fans everywhere. Rogers real treasure is the friends you make a long the way. Anime Review Anime Theories Important Blogs Random Anime Topics Unrelated Anime Stuff.

FOR FANS THAT HAVENT GONE FAR IN THE MANGA Hi. This theory messed with my head when I first heard about it hbu. We were introduced to Salem a mysterious character at the end of RWBY Volume 3.

This 6 Comments. Add it to the list so others can vote on it too. My Hero Academia has its fair share of theories who One for All really is who the traitor is and of course who Dekus non-existant father is.

Anime theories can be wickedly original and fun to speculate over. Lets take a look at some of the best ridiculous anime fan theories out there. Brotherhood 2 181 25 SteinsGate 3 162 45 Fullmetal Alchemist 4 118 27.

Pokemon Shark Theory There should be hella more shark pokemon. TikTok video from Otaku Haven – Anime 0taku_haven. Dragon Ball Z Theory.

Lets look at the facts. 12 4 8 1 Light Became a Shinigami – Death Note suggested by Leo Lazar Jakšić 11 5 6 2 Lelouch is still Alive Code Geass suggested by Liam Murphy 11 6 5 3 Ashs Coma Pokemon 10 6 4 4 Attack on Titan is actually set in the future – Attack on Titan suggested by Jocelyn Adkins. 387 Likes 8 Comments.

This is a theory on whether Gowther is a doll or a demon. They could have at least said he was a mouse. What are the craziest anime theories.

1 274 42 Fullmetal Alchemist. Not just bcause I like them but because it would be cool to have kids develop an attachment to sharks and helpful for future conservation efforts. Where one fan theory may make you laugh others can totally alter your perception of an episode or the show.

Anime theories that will blow your mind part 1 Who is Gons mom All we know about the birth of Gon is that Ging left for Greed Island. Thank you- AnimeManga Fanfiction Realistic Science Theory Imanerdstopme Theories. Anime theory hunterxhunter hxh fypシ.

I recently discover a debate on the Nanatsu No Taizai Wiki debating whether Gowther is a doll or a demon. December 18 2018 0 Comments. Theres also a laugh-inducing theory about One Piece that says that Gol D.

I encourage everyone to look up anime theories even for shows that have satisfying endings. While watching a anime what is the craziest thing you or other people have come up with it doesnt have to be right just. Author Kohei Koshikori has already stated that Midoriyas father will play a part in the story at some point and that his Quirk is fire-breathingSo why do people keep thinking All Might is his actual real father.

Fan theories run the gambit from secret relationships to mind-blowing plot twists. At the surface Spirited Away is a story about Chihiro and her parents who wander into a magical spirit world where the parents eat too much and get turned into pigs.

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